Webblen Network Partners with the Algonauts Community

Published on
February 8, 2022

Carter Razink

Webblen Network partners with Algonauts community to educate audiences on Web3 and the Webblen Networks suite of products

The Webblen Network today announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership with the Algonauts community. The partnership will enable the Webblen Network team to directly interact with +2,600 members of the Algonauts community through their discord server and other channels.

The agreement brings together the best of the Algorand community in Algonauts and an emerging technology powerhouse that is the Webblen Network.

The Webblen Network is a series of protocols developed by Webblen INC and built on the Algorand blockchain. The protocols exist to provide an effective solution to reward various types of human behavior. The Webblen Network’s flagship product is the Webblen mobile app which rewards users for being engaged in their local community.

The inherent complexity and ambitious nature of the Webblen Network roadmap requires a direct way to communicate the technology and progress to the Web3 community. 

Algonauts provide a perfect solution to the communication challenge. Since its inception, Algonauts has focused on building a community of investors, builders, and stakeholders in the web3 space with an emphasis on those particularly interested in the Algorand blockchain. 

Today, the Algonauts team boasts of having more than 2,600 active members of the community. But, as The (Humble) Shaman, a founding community member says, this is only the beginning.

“At Algonauts Official, our core focus is community building and bringing value to our users. Partnering with Webblen was a no-brainer. Their community building tools are connecting users both virtually and in-person, and they have put themselves as a clear leader in this space"

It’s this passion for education that caught the eye of Carter Razink, CTO of and founder of the Webblen Network.

“The Webblen Network’s protocols have the potential to change the world. Without a platform to communicate these ideas while answering community questions, there’s no point. I am incredibly excited to engage with and learn from the Algonauts community.”

The Webblen Network team will host an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on the Algonauts discord on February 26th at 6 PM EST. Please join and… ask them anything!


The Algonauts community is an Algorand-focused web3 community. Their mission is to support and promote Algorand and its emerging ecosystem. For the community, by the community.


Webblen INC developed protocols on Algorand to efficiently provide a solution for communities (both physically and digitally) to have an “easy-to-implement” solution to build economies that rewards social behavior for specific outcomes.


For the past 7 years, Webblen INC has been focused on developing sustainable technology and experiences to address this issue. With the availability of the WBLN token, the Webblen mobile app, the development of the Webblen Network, and the team’s focus on facilitating positive outcomes, this platform is in the position to empower anyone across the globe to meaningfully impact their community.